Why You Should Upgrade your Old Business Telephone System

NEC Business Telephone SystemIs your business still relying on an old, unsupported legacy telephone system?

If your telephone system is an older model or approaching end of life , you will find technical support harder to source. While the cost of business downtime could potentially cost you more than a new system.

In the fast-moving world of telecommunications, what appears cutting edge technology can soon be left wanting or appear outdated. Your old system may well have suited your business model at the time, but a new system will expand and grow with your business. The latest upgradeable communication technologies will protect your investment and future-proof your business telephone system.

If your business is relying on an obsolete BT telephone system you could save money investing in a new NEC business telecoms solution. A new system can e daunting for your employees. But with similar settings and features, the transition will confront less resistance and in turn minimise the need for staff training.

NEC is the no.1 SME global market provider of business telephone systems and telecom solutions.

NEC Telephone Systems include advanced features that will help you save time and money.

  • MyCalls Basic call management app includes real-time call activity display, call logging and reports
  • MyCalls Desktop productivity app includes Instant Messaging, Screen-Pops and Speed Dials
  • Mobile Extensions provides your mobile phone with business system functionality
  • Conferencing will save you and your business on unnecessary travel time and accommodation costs
  • Caller ID allows you offer a personal touch by greeting your regular callers by name
  • VIP Priority allows you to manage your call queue, ensuring your most important customers get the attention they deserve

NEC is at the cutting-edge of telecom solutions, offering truly innovative handsets. For example, the M155 Messenger is a wearable wristwatch DECT offering instant messaging and alert device: the ultimate solution for healthcare and hospitality environments; and the G966 is the SmartDECT – with its powerful combination of DECT, WiFi and Android application support, all in one handset.

Connecting your employees using SMART telecom solutions, whether they are in the office, warehouse, home-workers and field-based sales team together for more a productive, reachable workforce will increase communications, both internally and externally.

MF Communications support both legacy and new telephone systems. We can supply your business with everything it needs to communicate effectively, both internally and externally. Unlike other telecom companies, we can provide a full range of telecommunication services, and by providing every business with a dedicated project manager, we work closely with all our clients to offer independent advice and tailored services to meet your business needs.

Our services include providing business telephone lines, install, manage and maintain telephone systems, provide broadband and a range of hosted solutions. If you are a start-up, we can set you up with a telephone system, either traditional PBX or hosted telephony; and we can provide you with a low cost call contract, broadband and a system servicing and maintenance plan.

For more information visit www.mfcomm.co.uk or call one of our UK Business Managers on 01892 514687.