Remanufacturing Process

Fully remanufactured telecoms equipment from Office Phone Shop comes with the same performance, quality, and peace of mind as brand new equipment bought directly from the manufacturer. The comprehensive and rigorous high standards  applied to the remanufacturing process comply with ISO standards. All equipment comes with the same warranty and support options as with new models. Office Phone Shop's remanufacturing process guarantees the telecoms equipment has come from a trusted and reliable source: we screen all equipment to ensure there are no counterfeits and all equipment is fully verified, with a tracked product service history.

Remanufactured, not just refurbished

In Office Phone Shop's remanufacturing process, equipment is not just polished and made to look in good condition. It is cleaned and reconditioned to as-new status, replacing casings, hand pieces, buttons, and DESI strips, as required. Firmware and hardware upgrades bring the product up to date with the latest version.

Rigorous remanufacturing process

All equipment is remanufactured with new parts and tested a number of times in a controlled environment.Office Phone Shop is BS EN ISO 14001 compliant as being an environmentally responsible organisation. All parts are responsibly sourced and recycled where appropriate. We perform diagnostic, functional, and network traffic system testing on all remanufactured products. This includes safety and regulatory tests.

Quality assurance certified

Office Phone Shop applies strict quality assurance standards to which all remanufactured equipment must comply. Periodic audits ensure these standards are constantly adhered to. 

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