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Office Phone Shop stocks a full range of compatible telephones for the Alcatel 4400 system (also known as Alcatel-Lucent 4400 or OmniPCX Enterprise). We supply both new and obsolete telephones, including the Alcatel Reflexes range and models like the 4010, 4018, 4019, 4020, 4028, 4029, 4035 and 4038. If you are looking for replacement Alcatel Telephones or need additional Alcatel phones for your offices or support contracts, choose from the thousands of models we have in stock.

Alcatel Lucent is a Paris-based global telecoms provider. It supplies fixed, mobile and converged networking hardware, as well as IP technologies, software and services.

Alcatel is a registered trademark of Alcatel Lucent. It supplies home and business phones, including corded, cordless and VoIP models.

We have a large range of Alcatel business phones in stock, both new and refurbished, from the Alcatel 4001 and Alcatel 4012 ranges, through to the Alcatel 4034. We also support with Alcatel Reflexes telephones, such as the Alcatel 4004 and Alcatel 4010, through to the Alcatel 4035 model. If you need Alcatel IP Phones, we can supply models like the 4018IP touch phone or the 4068IP phone.

The Alcatel 8 Series IP touch phones are full-featured desk phones that offer integrated IP connectivity and telephony. These Alcatel IP phones support a range of features and functions, including web-based XML business applications. They also offer high quality audio and an optimised design with large, high-resolution screens.

Are you operating an older release system and having difficulty finding equipment to maintain it?

With the release of new systems and phones, older versions are no longer compatible or widely available. However, there is no need to change your system. We can help you maintain it and keep it running long in to the future.

We stock a wide range of obsolete system parts and telephones and we have a system of remanufacturing used equipment to the highest standards. We thoroughly test all parts and telephones before re-boxing and selling like new and with a one-year warranty.

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