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Mitel Networks is a Canadian based company and a global supplier of business communications™ solutions. In 2001, The Company made a shift from producing PBX systems to focusing on VoIP products. However, Mitel PBX systems continue to be in operation.

Office Phone Shop supplies a full range of Mitel Superset telephones, including the popular 4025, 4150, 5212, 5330e, 5320e, 5312, 420 and 430 models.

Do you operate a Mitel telephone system?

We have been supplying Mitel telephones and their associated spare parts for years. We recognise that many companies operate Mitel systems and cannot buy new phones direct from the manufacturer. However, we stock a full range of refurbished business phone spares to support all these systems.

Our engineers extensively remanufacture and rigorously test all equipment. Our one-year warranty applies to all parts and phones. Everything we sell comes boxed and as new and you can trust us to provide only the highest quality products. Whether it is new or old, we can help you maintain your system to keep it running, now and well in to the future.

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