Is Your Telecommunications Solutions Working for Your Business and Compliant with UK Law?

MF Communications offer a complete range of Business Telecommunications Solutions

British Telecommunications was privatised in 1984, becoming British Telecommunications plc, with some 50 per cent of its shares sold to investors; and in the following 30 years, the UK telecoms market has under gone continuous change and regulation in response to the growth of communications technologies including the Internet, broadband, mobile phones and other smart devices.

In response to the growth and fast moving pace of the communications sector, the UK government has continually taken steps to regulate business.

The UK Communications Act 2003 implemented a set of EU directives stating that a telecommunications company must operate within the legislative framework which sought to modernise and further harmonise communications regulation across the European Union. At the same time, the Office of Communications (OFCOM) was set up to regulate the practical implementation of the Communications Act.

Since then, OFCOM has regularly reviewed UK business practise in respect of regulations, industry standards and legal requirements. All of which can be a daunting prospect for any UK business.

There are over 20 general conditions which detail an array of rules, including interconnection standards, number portability, deployment of telephone numbers, access to emergency services, sales and marketing standards, special services for the disabled, broadband migration codes, and so on. OFCOM’s investigation unit monitors compliance and resolves complaints in relation to the general conditions.


So when it comes to business telecommunications systems, you need to know your company can rely on your communications provider to suggest a solution that best suits your business needs and compliance with UK law. From recording calls for legal purposes, staff training, quality standards monitoring, inbound call management, SIP trunking and hosted IP telephony, business compliance is a necessary consideration.

Add to this mobile technology, home working solutions and inbound call management to ensure you stay in contact with your customer 24/7, having one company managing your systems is a way of insuring your internal and external business communications are managed for optimum performance and customer service.

MF Communications offer a complete range of Business Telecommunications Solutions from providing business telephone lines to installing telephone systems, providing broadband and a range of hosted solutions. If you are a start-up, we can set you up with a telephone system, either traditional PBX or hosted telephony. We can provide you with a low cost call contract, broadband and a system servicing and maintenance plan.

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