UK telecoms providers face compensation pay outs for poor landline and broadband service

Ofcom propose automatic compensation pay outs for landline and broadband customers when things go wrong

landline and broadband services

These proposals are part of Ofcom’s plan for changes in the quality of service provided by telecoms companies. It would mean providers paying out compensation for slow repairs, missed deadlines and appointments.

Customers would be entitled to compensation in the form of a cash payment, or credit on a bill whenever their landline or broadband is not fixed quickly enough after it has stopped working; or their new landline or broadband service is not up and running on the day promised; or an engineer doesn’t arrive for an appointment as scheduled.

This compensation would be paid automatically, without customers having to go through a potentially lengthy and difficult claims process.

Currently, there are 7.2m instances where landline or broadband customers suffer delayed repairs, missed appointments or delays to new installations. Financial compensation, totalling around £16.3m, is currently paid out in 1.1m of these cases.

Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom’s Consumer Group Director, said: “When a customer’s landline or broadband goes wrong, that is frustrating enough without having to fight tooth and nail to get fair compensation from the provider.

“So we’re proposing new rules to force providers to pay money back to customers automatically, whenever repairs or installations don’t happen on time, or when people wait in for an engineer who doesn’t turn up. This would mean customers are properly compensated, while providers will want to work harder to improve their service.”

How will Ofcom’s automatic compensation scheme work for businesses?

Ofcom propose all SMEs would benefit from clearer, more detailed information upfront about the landline and broadband services on offer to them. This includes whether they are entitled to compensation, and how much, when problems occur.

SMEs can negotiate bespoke terms and there are standard landline and broadband business contracts that provide service guarantees and compensation for a number of different problems, including loss of service. However, Ofcom research found that around half of SMEs (49%) were uncertain of their rights when providers fell short.

These Ofcom proposals for greater transparency should help SMEs to compare the service quality and compensation arrangements for different contracts, enabling them to choose the one that best meets the needs of their business.

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