Business Broadband & Data Lines

Superfast, reliable business broadband & data lines are an essential part of your business telecommunications

Superfast broadband can provide your business with a connection speed of 24Mbps. That means faster download and upload times and a super-efficient Wi-Fi network for your organisation.

Get broadband for your business from Office Phone Shop.

We can provide:

  • Business broadband delivered via various suppliers
  • A range of routers/combined routers and modems
  • Freedom to increase business broadband as required (fibre where available)
  • Unlimited broadband access
  • Integrated billing with your fixed business phone line service

Office Phone Shop can offer a range of packages designed to give your business the flexibility to grow. We tailor our cost effective business broadband service to suit the needs of your organisation, regardless of its size.

What we offer:

  • Easy switching from existing supplier, with no effect on your business operations
  • Dedicated account manager with direct support line (no call centres)
  • Indicative speed checks for your business phones lines
  • Porting of your existing broadband connection
  • Secure dedicated leased lines
  • EFM (Ethernet First Mile) connections

Having all your business telecommunications services managed by one supplier will not only save you money, but is more convenient and easier to manage. You will receive one, clear and concise bill for all your business phone lines, business mobile, business broadband and data line services.

We don’t offer only set deals, like other broadband and telecommunications’ companies. Office Phone Shop works with UK companies to offer bespoke broadband and data services. 

Office Phone Shop is not tied to one service provider, therefore we are able to review the market on your behalf in order offer you the best deals.

All our clients receive their own dedicated personal account manager to provide on-going help and support. We do not use call centres, so when you need us, you call us direct. We make it our job to know our customers and understand their business needs.

What are leased lines?

Leased lines connect two ports via dedicated fibre optic cables, without the need for a telephone number.

They provide a simple, reliable and secure solution for internet VPN, private networks or for connecting two geographically separate areas.  They can be used as a direct connection to the internet and will act as a dedicated connection with no shared bandwidth.

Why have leased lines for your business?

  • Internet access is critical to your business
  • You need constant high capacity internet access or a managed IP VPN
  • You require good control over your network traffic and performance planning
  • You would like to benefit from cheaper business calls using VoIP service telephony
  • You get a fixed service level agreement (SLA)

For superfast business broadband and a business standard service level agreement (SLA), contact Office Phone Shop today. We assure a high level of service and attention to detail, delivering a secure and reliable internet service for your business.

For more information call 0800 012 6637 and speak to one of our UK Business Managers.

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