Technology in the workplace and its effect on productivity

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Research commissioned by TalkTalk Business and conducted by YouGov found technology in the workplace is having a negative effect on productivity.

The research, which consulted 500 British business decision makers, as well as 2,000 consumers, found 64% of respondents blamed poor technology for lower productivity.

Slow Internet connection is a problem, with 40% of British workers saying their work was hampered by a slow internet connection, 36% blamed a lack of computing power and 29% cited continued use of outdated software and systems that are liable to crash.

Almost 1 in 5 of those surveyed said trying to share and download large documents took up a large chunk of their time.

The research highlights a lack of access to the level of technology required for British workers to do their jobs properly.

Graeme Codrington, Futurist to TalkTalk Business, said: “When it comes to the typical experience of workplace technology in the UK, we are seeing a growing digital divide between the services and tools we all use as consumers and the antiquated technology we’re forced to use in the workplace.”

This research supports productivity figures released by the Office of National Statistics, which shows that for the first three months of 2017, there has been a 0.5 % decline in hourly output.

The top technology priority over the next 10 years is a good Internet connection.

Kristine Olson-Chapman, MD at TalkTalk Business, added: “Revolutions tend to come with little warning, but businesses have no excuse to be in the dark about the potentially transformative changes to the nature of work on the horizon.

“How to prepare business for the impact of machine learning and automation, and attract and retain a workforce with rapidly shifting expectations of what ‘work’ means, needs to be a top strategic priority.

“For UK business leaders, there is a critical need to align with partners who will help them to innovate on their terms.”

According to Talk Talk Business, failure by British businesses to adopt existing workplace technologies or to prepare for emerging new technologies is likely to have a significant impact on the productivity and health of the British economy.

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