Spotlight on: Siemens Unify Optipoint Phones

Siemens Unify Optipoint telephones replaced the Siemens Optiset phones over ten years ago, giving a newer, more ergonomic style. The Optipoint family of telephones include the Optipoint 500 digital range, Optipoint 400, Optipoint 410, Optipoint 420 IP ranges and the Optipoint 600, which is the most advanced IP model.

The Optipoint phones come in two colours, Arctic and Manganese.

Siemens Unify Optipoint 400 Phones
The Siemens Unify Optipoint 400 phones are IP enabled models that are compatible with the HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000 and HiPath 5000 systems.

Phones in this range include:
Optpoint 400 Economy
Optipoint 400 Standard

This is the first IP range produced by Siemens Unify. The models work with a power supply and are not POE.

Siemens Unify Optipoint 410 Phones
The Siemens Optipoint 410 phones bring the same features and benefits of Optipoint 500 range to an IP enabled phone. Unlike the Optipoint 400 range, however, the Optipoint 410 are POE.

Phones in this range include:
Optipoint 410 Entry
Optipoint 410 Economy
Optipoint 410 Economy plus
Optipoint 410 Standard
Optipoint 410 Advance

Siemens Unify Optipoint 420 Phones
The Siemens Optipoint 420 range brings the same features as the Optipoint 410 range with the addition of self-labelling LCD feature keys.

Phones in this range include:
Optipoint 420 Economy
Optipoint 420 Economy plus
Optipoint 420 Standard
Optipoint 420 Advance

Siemens Unify Optipoint 500 Phones
The Optipoint 500 range are digital phones that are compatible with Siemens HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000 systems and Siemens Hicom 150H and 300H.

Phones in this range include:
Optipoint 500 Entry
Optipoint 500 Basic
Optipoint 500 Economy
Optipoint 500 Standard
Optipoint 500 Advance

Siemens Unify Optipoint 600 Phone
The Optipoint 600 phone is a TDM and IP-based feature telephone with an extra-large display.
It is a flexible, fully functional IP telephone that offers voice over IP and TDM-based switching. The Optipoint 600 is hearing aid compatible and has an extra-large touch screen, making it the most user-friendly telephone of the Optipoint range. The Optipoint 600 comes with nineteen programmable memory keys with LEDs and a touch screen backlit liquid crystal LCD display. There are three dialog keys for navigating through the menu options (via OptiGuide) and a personal notebook, for saving telephone numbers for direct dialling, all of which is password protected.

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