Spotlight on: Siemens Unify Gigaset Phones

The Siemens Unify Gigaset phones are a range of stylish, compact handsets. Both small and light, they offer excellent audio quality with a range of functions comparable to a corded system telephone.

All offer similar features to a desktop phone, but in a lightweight, compact, cordless model. The Siemens Unify Gigaset SL4 is the smallest in the range, with the Gigaset 4000 Micro offering a walkie-talkie function, along with vibracall. Within this range, you will find models suitable for heavy duty, damp or dirty environments as well as models to suit a more mobile office environment, without compromising on the loss of speech quality or functionality. The Siemens Gigaset range is only compatible with Siemens Hicom and Siemens HiPath Systems and not for home use. These cordless phones work on the DECT standard (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications), allowing them to operate in all types of network, including PSTN, ISDN and GSM.

The Gigaset range includes:

Gigaset S1 Professional
Gigaset S2 Professional
Gigaset S4 Professional
Gigaset SL1
Gigaset SL2
Gigaset SL3 Professional
Gigaset SL4
Gigaset 3000 Micro
Gigaset 4000 Micro
Gigaset 3000 Comfort
Gigaset 4000 Comfort

Phase-out of Siemens Unify Gigaset S4 and S400 Professional

Siemens Unify recently notified us of the phase out of their Gigaset S4 professional V1 and Gigaset S400 professional. The succeeding model will be the OpenScape DECT Phone S5.
Some key features of the new version include:

  • Larger keys for easier usage
  • Integrated vibration alarm
  • Separate battery compartment for easier battery exchange
  • Corporate design: integrated (e.g. colors, Harmonized ringer tone and brand)
  • Phonebook and handset menus with various language options, including Latin (standard), Cyrillic, Turkish, Arabic and Greek

Please note, you will no longer be able to buy Gigaset S4 professional V1 and Gigaset S400 professional models direct from Siemens Unify. However, we specialise in supplying high quality, remanufactured end-of-life telecoms equipment. For future purchases of these discontinued Gigaset phones, please contact our sales team.

The Siemens Gigaset S4 Professional is a high quality handset with galvanised keys and a large 1.8-inch TFT colour display. It offers optimum functionality, is hands-free, and has a Bluetooth Interface and a 2.5mm headset jack. The Gigaset S4 professional is the replacement for the Siemens Gigaset S3 professional.

The Siemens Gigaset SL4 Professional is the natural progression from the Gigaset SL3. It encompasses all of the features of the SL3, but with enhanced functions. The Gigaset SL4 Professional is the slimmest and smallest DECT cordless handset in the portfolio.