Spotlight on: Siemens Unify Openstage Phones

Siemens Unify Openstage telephones are a family of stylish desktop phones. They range from basic to executive models, but all come with a broad spectrum of functions across the range. Ergonomic and user friendly, all have high definition voice quality. Users can enjoy touch sensitive controls, innovative interfaces, simple navigation and colour high-resolution screens (in selected models). The Siemens Unify Openstage range is available for both TDM and IP environments, allowing for easy management within the overall IT infrastructure.

The Openstage family integrates well with other devices. The models in this range are multimodal, allowing access to various applications and services. Using a range of adaptors, Openstage phones can easily connect to fax machines, other phones or any add-on modules that are required. Built in USB and Bluetooth interfaces allow interaction with many different devices, such as PC’s, mobile phones, PDA’s and headsets. They are an ideal solution for offices where mobility and flexibility are important factors.

The models are available in a variety of colours and finishes, from plastic in ice blue or lava to high-end silver blue metallic lacquering and brushed aluminium.

Siemens Unify Openstage Gigabit HFA Phones
The Siemens Unify Openstage models, with a ‘G’ suffix indicate that they have a 1000 Mbit Ethernet switch. Models in this range that include an ‘E’ suffix do not have duplex hands free talking (open listening is available). The HFA models of the Openstage family can connect to a HiPath 3000 version 7 or later and HiPath 4000 version 4 or later via their LAN interface.

The following devices are currently available as Gigabit HFA phones:
Openstage 15 G HFA
Openstage 20 G
Openstage 40 G
Openstage 60 G
Openstage 80 G

Siemens Unify Openstage HFA Phones
Siemens Unify Openstage HFA models connect to the LAN by common Ethernet wires, which in turn connect to a PBX via a gateway. HFA – HiPath Feature Access – combines all the features of the HiPath Communications’ platform with Internet Protocol (IP).

The following devices are currently available as HFA phones:
Openstage 15 HFA
Openstage 20 HFA
Openstage 40 HFA
Openstage 60 HFA
Openstage 80 HFA

Siemens Unify Openstage SIP Phones
SIP is an extension of the IP protocol. SIP sets up, handles and ends anything from a two-way telephone call to a collaborative multi-media conference session, all over IP network. SIP is the future standard for communications of all kinds via a data network. It paves the way for a host of innovative services, such as voice-enriched e-commerce, web page click-to-dial and Instant Messaging. The Openstage SIP variant models can connect to a SIP Proxy Server via their LAN interface.

Following devices are currently available as SIP phones:
Openstage 15 SIP
Openstage 20 SIP
Openstage 40 SIP
Openstage 60 SIP
Openstage 80 SIP

Siemens Unify Openstage TDM Phones
TDM devices are digital system phones without LAN interface. They connect to the communication platform (PBX) by UP0/E. The phone hardware is not compatible with that of SIP and HFA phone hardware. The Openstage T variant models of this family can connect to a HiPath 3000 version 7 or later and HiPath 4000 version 4 or later via UP0/E interface.

The following devices are currently available as TDM phones:
Openstage 10 T
Openstage 15 T
Openstage 20 T
Openstage 30 T
Openstage 40 T
Openstage 60 T
Openstage 80 T

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