Siemens Enterprise Communications has rebranded as Unify

The new company was officially launched on October 15th, at events in Munich and New York, and via a live global webcast. Unify is a joint venture of The Gores Group and Siemens AG. The rebrand comes in response to changes in the communications and IT industries, such as the consumerisation of IT, the introduction of bring your own devise (BYOD) and the impact of ‘anywhere workers’. Unify intends to build upon the successful launch of its new communications and collaborations platform, named Project Ansible.

Launched in June 2013, Project Ansible is a platform to support voice, video, text and remote screen sharing. Its first version will be cloud based. It will enable users to move multichannel conversations intact from device to device using a simple gesture or ‘call swipe’.

‘Unify is uniquely positioned to lead our customers and the industry toward the emergence of a new way to work that will transform how enterprises communicate and collaborate, where technology will amplify the collective effort of information workers, energise teams and process enhance business performance,’ said Hamid Akhaven, CEO, Unify.

Project Ansible will begin trialling with customers from January, but Unify promised to speed up its route to market and have its first commercial version out in July 2014.