Importance of upgrading software from a security point of view

If your phone system isn’t running the latest available version of software, you could be running a security risk.

Software upgrades to help increase security and improve performance and functionality - Office Phone Shop

Being on the latest software release improves your system’s security, performance, and functionality. This can have a direct impact on both customer and employee satisfaction.

Increased System Security.
By continuing to run older software versions, you will be missing out on security updates issued by the manufacturer, as well as critical service patches. Closing off as many known security threats as possible is paramount to any business, particularly as we try to keep up with the ever-increasing threats.

Software manufacturers are working hard to make sure their products have been patched and that they keep abreast of any potential security threats. It’s in your company’s interest to make sure you apply the updates as soon as they are issued.

Suffering a data breach, due to a security flaw that already has a known fix, should not be an option.

Improved Performance.
Software updates can do more than just protect your system from a security threat, they can improve performance too. Software-level fixes often resolve smaller, less pervasive issues that may not affect security, but can be aggravating all the same.

New Features & Functionality.
When you update to the latest software version, you often get the benefit of new features and functionalities. Users can benefit from these for improved performance and ease of use.

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