Do you really need a new business telephone system?

Do you reallt need a new business telephone systemIn the fast-moving world of telecommunications, it can be easy to lose sight of real business needs and what the latest trends and innovations actually mean to the day-to-day running of companies, especially small to medium-size enterprises or SMEs looking for a competitive edge but possibly having to keep one eye on very tight budgets.

While telecoms manufacturers continue to push new business telephones and the latest innovative telephone systems that include all the latest bells and whistles, there is an industry focus on supplying new telephone systems to new customers. Whereas many companies have little or no need to upgrade their business telephone system for a few additional features or latest capabilities.

As manufacturers focus on selling new telephones and systems, previous models go unsupported, known as End-of Life (EOL), even though many companies all over the world continue to use older business phones and legacy PBX systems without any financial justification or reason to upgrade. However, as business phones and a PBX system become less popular, it becomes more difficult for a business to find excellent and reliable telecommunications companies to provide remanufactured phones and parts to maintain and support perfectly good telephone systems.

MF Communications provide clients the choice to purchase the latest new business phones, telephone system and a state-of-the-art PBX, while also offering remanufactured telephones and business telecoms equipment from leading brands such as Unify, Siemens, Nortel, Avaya, Ericsson, Aastra, Alcatel and Mitel. The company has been providing a service for 15 years and is run by telecoms specialists with over 60 years combined experience. With a strong focus on customer service, it now has a global network of suppliers and satisfied in over 100 countries.

As well as supplying business phones and telephone systems, MF Communications also provide system maintenance, hosted telephony services, broadband, data and leased lines, provide support for your PBX system and provide switching, transmission and core network equipment to a large network of operators and carriers.

Whether you are a start-up, SME or multi-national company looking for new or remanufactured business phones and a telephone system, MF Communications will offer you great customer service, free and impartial advice, and best of all, telecoms solutions to suit your business needs.