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Advice for small businesses or start-ups

As a small business or start-up, there will be lots of things for you to organise or think about.
Getting your communications right is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Imagine if you get your phone lines installed by one company and buy an office phone system and business phones from another.

Then you need high speed business broadband.

Further down the line, you might start thinking about business mobile and remote/smart working solutions and suddenly you find your IT and telecommunications needs are merging.

How many different people are you dealing with so far? How many separate bills is that per month?

Then one day you have a problem. Is it the phone lines or the PBX system? Perhaps it’s the phones or maybe there’s a fault with the internet connection.

Who do you call to fix this problem?
Who is going to take the responsibility?

All your business communications needs under one roof

We don’t want you to get in to this situation. As a small business or start-up, we want to advise you and make sure you get it right from the start.

We want to provide you with a dedicated account manager who’s also a trained engineer.

We want to save you money on all your business communications, by bringing them all togegther under one bill, making it easier and more cost effective for you.

We want to help you set up the business communications tools you will need to take your organisation forward. Without having to worry about this, you can get on with the work you need to do.

Choosing a business telephone system?

You might not be ready to make the investment of a traditional PBX telephone system. In which case, a fully hosted VoIP phone system could be the right choice for you.

Some things you might like to consider:

  • Brand – loyalty or considering existing equipment
  • Features – tools to help your employees work more efficiently
  • Scalability – how you intend your business to grow in the future
  • Remote working options – making the move away from office-based working
  • Quality
  • Reputation
  • Recommendation
  • Price – the right investment choice for the future of your business

With an in-house demo suite, we encourage you to come and talk to us about what you might need.

Business telephone lines

Our cost saving line rental can save you on average, 30% against standard BT rates. In addition, we can provide you with analogue lines, ISDN2, ISDN30 or leased lines.

What are leased lines?

Leased lines connect two ports via dedicated fibre optic cables, without the need for a telephone number.

They provide a simple, reliable and secure solution for internet VPN, private networks or for connecting two geographically separate areas. They can be used as a direct connection to the internet and will act as a dedicated connection with no shared bandwidth.

Why have leased lines for your business?

    • Internet access is critical to your business
    • You need constant high capacity internet access or a managed IP VPN
    • You require good control over your network traffic and performance planning
    • You would like to benefit from cheaper business calls using VoIP service telephony
    • Uncontended products
    • Fixed SLAs

Business broadband

With a range of packages designed to give your business the flexibility to grow, tailor our cost effective business broadband service to suit your business needs, regardless of its size.

      • Business broadband delivered via various suppliers
      • Range of routers available
      • Freedom to increase business broadband as required (fibre where available)
      • All unlimited
      • Integrated billing with your fixed line service

Business mobile services

You can now connect your office phone systems to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Diverting calls to your business mobiles wherever you are means you never have to be away from business, again. You will never need to miss an important call and by doing so, reduce the risk of losing custom when you are not sitting at your desk.

      • Business mobile contracts – using O2
      • Business broadband services
      • Voicemail
      • Auto attendant
      • Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs)
      • SIP Trunks
      • Hosted telephony

We offer a complete range of business mobiles and mobile business telecommunications products on the O2 and Vodafone network.

We can provide:

      • Latest handsets through leasing
      • SIM only deals
      • Tablets
      • Integrated billing with your fixed line service
      • Cheaper tariffs
      • 12 month or 24 month contract
      • SIM cards for mobile broadband (tablets etc)
      • Mobile Dongle (for laptop data use)
      • Mi-fi device (wifi through SIM card and dongle device)

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

No two businesses are the same and that’s why we tailor our solutions to meet your needs, both now and taking into account the longer term.

With a complete range of packages, all your business communications’ needs are taken care of. As a specialist telecoms company, we will be there to guide you through the decisions process. We can then support you with advice and maintenance as you need it and if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, we have a 24/7 fault line too.

Contact us for more information.