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As part of the MF Communications Group, Office Phone Shop is BS EN ISO 14001 compliant and accredited as being an environmentally responsible organisation. This demonstrates our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of waste through recycling.

If you would like to recycle your business phones and telephone system but are not sure how or do not have the time, MF Communications can help. We work closely with our clients to enable them to reduce environmental impact. With the help of MF Communications, your business can continue to grow, whilst keeping costs and your carbon footprint down.

MF Communications can provide a safe, secure and environmentally-friendly route for the recycling and disposal of your business telecoms equipment. Our emphasis is on re-use, in line with the key principle of the WEEE directive.

Do the right thing and help by being green and environmentally-friendly with your redundant telecommunications hardware.

Please contact us if you require any advice recycling your phones or phone system.

Special Offers

£6,750.00 (£8,100.00 inc VAT)
£4,550.00 (£5,460.00 inc VAT)
£4,500.00 (£5,400.00 inc VAT)
£4,150.00 (£4,980.00 inc VAT)
£3,999.00 (£4,798.80 inc VAT)
£3,950.00 (£4,740.00 inc VAT)